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Hamilton-Beach Model H Stand Mixer


Sometimes you find things in the most unexpected of places. While visiting a friend in Vermont I stopped in a small consignment store in the little town of White River Junction, Vermont (Pop. 2,286), and a box in the corner caught my eye. In it was an old stand mixer, and though it was covered in grime, nonfunctional, and lacking its beaters, I knew I had found a gem. So I paid the $10 and made off with my next project.

A thorough cleaning revealed it was in better shape than it first appeared, and it was only not working because one of the motor brushes had worked loose. But it was found in the box—along with a wonderful hand-stitched cozy of the type people made for their appliances in the 1940s.

The beaters posed another problem.

Though Hamilton-Beach still made beaters for the Model G mixer, the Model H used a different type, which of course had long since ceased production. Those known to fit the model H would occasionally pop up at auction for $50-60—far out of my price range. But, I thought, my time will come.

And that it did not more than a week later. Up for auction came a pair of beaters of unknown type; however, my careful eye quickly determined they were for the Model H! I placed my bid and waited….

…and won! No one else had dared take the chance. When they arrived, I took one last check, cleaned them, and popped them in. They worked!


A 1950s manual for the mixer was found some time later. Of course, I can’t help but wonder why so many appliances from that time period were painted almost entirely white, or chromed. In a time when food safety was a tremendous and real concern, did it embody sterilization and cleanliness? Freud should have had a field day.


The mixer still serves proudly in my kitchen today.

Mixer cozy

Yes, my mixer came with a cozy. No, I do not know who made it.



  1. Jake Canter says:

    Bro, how about digitizing that manual? I just scored a Model H today and would like to know more about it.

  2. Lisa M. Marsh says:

    I bought an all chrome model H mixer at an auction and every part of it is in mint condition. I love the look of it and was happy to hear the vintage is about 1950 – would love to find a manual!

  3. flababo says:

    As much as I should like to digitize the manual, it is still under copyright and I’m not about to tangle with that anymore than I have to. However if you poke around or you’ll probably be able to find one. It’s titled “Hamilton Beach Food Mixer Instructions and Food Recipes.”

    • Chucks says:

      I have a model H all chrome. When I took the little viewing window out to clean under it the whole speed control under window parts came loose and jammed the speed control. Anyone know how to fix this or is willing to repair it for me.

      • Tom Batton says:

        Just happened to me too. You have to take the gearcase (nose) off the unit to get to the clip that slides on to hold the plastic window in place. Start by removing the handle – one screw in the top front is all there is. Once that is out, the handle should lift a little and slide toward the rear to unhook. Next mark the position of the beater sockets with a sharpie or pencil. Make a line along each socket and the case that you can realign in case you happen to move one of the sockets by accident. Now remove the white beater clamp knob. Then there is a small screw next to it. Remove that screw and the front cover should come off. You will then see 2 screws recessed in the front. Remove these and the front gear case will be free to come off. Wiggle and pull some and it will eventually come free. There is a phenolic speed adjuster plate to be removed next. Observe carefully, (or even take a picture with your cell phone) the position of the plate, then lift it off. There may be some large lumps of grease on the plate. Leave them there. Once you have the plate off, you can see the metal slide that is supposed to hold in the plastic cover. Observe how it is positioned. There will also be a metal indicator piece that may be a bit in the way. just move it for the moment. Note the grooves in at least one side of the plastic window that the slide will slide onto to hold the window in place. (one of the grooves may be broken now, that’s why the thing came out in the first place!) Put the plastic window in the opening where it goes and slide the metal slide on the grooves to hold the window in – tab side toward the motor and away from the case. The metal indicator plate (that was a little in your way) has a couple of tabs that kind of rest against the window inside. The indicator plate goes behind (on top) of the metal slide. (NOT between the slide and the case) If you’re careful and fiddle a little, the thing should find its normal “home”. Now put the phenolic adjuster back in place. You may want to hold it and gently try moving the speed adjustment to make sure everything clears and works again. Remember that the lever has a lock position you’ll have to lift it out of in order to move it. (just like when you use the mixer) You may be better off just putting the gearcase back first. Once everything aligns, (including your previous marks to align the beater sockets!) put the 2 screws back in to hold the gearcase in place. Test the speed lever (gently!) sometimes it takes a move or two for things to realign. If it is stuck, you’ll have to pull the gearcase off again and get the speed lever working. After the gearcase is back on and the speed lever is working (and the beater sockets are aligned) put the front cover back on and attach with the small screw. There is a plate on top that goes under the handle and over the end of the front cover which may have popped off; just put it back in place, hook the rear of the handle on, then put the screw in the front of the handle and screw it down. Reinstall the white beater clamp knob. Test the unit BEFORE installing the beaters to make sure everything runs right. I additionally put a thin bit of clear silicone rubber under one end of my window to hold it down as one of the plastic grooves is worn and broken and the window appeared to want to come loose again. The trick is to lift the window ONLY VERY SLIGHTLY(!) to get the silicone glue under it. If you lift too much, it will come loose and you’ll have to take the thing apart again.
        If you’re not too handy or this makes you nervous, you might be able to get a handiman or appliance repairman to do this. Mine now works fine. Worst case, if both grooves on the window are broken, you may have to remove the metal slide completely and glue the window in place with clear silicone. this might require waiting 24 hours for the silicone to dry. To continue now while the silicone is drying, just secure the window and hold it down with some masking tape. Hope this helps.

      • Chuck Wolcott says:

        Tom, I really appreciate all of the heavy duty work and exploration you provided. I used a plastic compatible clear glue to reinstall the little window. I think I am off one notch on the beater gear train that runs from the worm drive shaft. Like you say the gear case is very easy to take off and move one notch.

        Thanks again and have a wonderful year.

        Chuck Wolcott

  4. BigWill says:

    I have one of these. I see you are not comfortable digitizing the manual and there is something I wish to know about this mixer . Does the manual mention a juice extractor? There is a place on the top for a juice adaptor but I have tried to buy two now off of ebay and neither of them fit. I am wondering if HB ever made one for this model. I will assume that if this is mentioned in the manual then they did.

    • flababo says:

      Yes this model does have a Juice Extractor, and yes the manual does mention it in detail. It says you need to stick on Driving Unit 8FMC 189 on top, then attach reamer RM 170 underneath. Using Extractor Bowl 8FMC 166, Strainer RMC 172, and spout 8FM 170, one can thus get juice.

  5. Christine says:

    I found ths manual for a model K but is sure will work for my Model H. I hope tis is okay with the blog master.

  6. Don says:

    I have a complete set chromed Model H mixer with mincer blades etc, Juice extractor and two stainless steel bowls 1 large and 1 small – It works perfectly only thing that I am missing is the beaters. If any person has any model H beaters please let me know. The set belonged to my late Mother.

  7. Patti says:

    I need the black turntable for Model H —-please help

  8. Clifton says:

    i have a model H i am parting out, no bowl or mixers but the rest appears to be intact and Patti i left you a reply

    • MDP says:

      I am looking for a model H head or anyone that can tell me how to unstick the primary gear in the head that spins the beaters. Thanks.

    • Bill McBride says:

      I need the plastic covered screw knob that holds the beaters in. Do you have one?

    • Jim Salsano says:

      If you still have any of the model H parts, I am in need of one of the caps that retains the motor brushes. One disappeared in a move across town – looked in everyone’s cars, but it is nowhere to be found. Thanks!

  9. Debi says:

    I am in need of the beaters for my Model H (which was my late mother’s).The beaters I have are missing one of the small plastic buttons on the bottom of them. Or if anyone knows how to fix them, please let meknow.

  10. Judy Lauch says:

    I have bowl that was in a box of pieces that were purchased at an auction. Unfortunately, I do not know the HB model # that it belongs to, but certainly appears to be one for H or K, from what I see here. Can anyone help me with this? It measures 5.25″ high, 8.5″ top opening diameter, and a base that is 4.75″ in diameter. It appears to be a bowl that would fit into the bottom of the mixer turntable. Can anyone help me to identify the model. Thanks!

  11. Darryl says:

    Need beaters. Have SAME mixer. Works. Bad Paint and rust. Help?

  12. DAVE says:


  13. tammi meyer says:

    I just used my mixer to make cookies, while they were cooking thought I would google this mixer, as I knew it was old. Never knew that the mixer detached from the base, but saw that on youtube, and underneath was the model #. I have 2 small original bowls and everything works great with it. I love It. Think I got it from my motherinlaws house when she passed away. Don’t use often, but does the trick when I mix cookie dough.

  14. Suzanne says:

    Hello. I recently came across a Hamilton Beach mixer Model 24 and am trying to find beaters for it. I have seen some people selling beaters that claim to fit my model and others, but I am not sure. I was wondering where would be the best place to start my research on this model ie replacement parts or manuals? Any help you can provide would be great!

  15. Melissa Hilleary says:

    JH, thanks for the story. Cozy is sweet touch. My mother has a model H she has used regularly for 60 years. I came across your post, trying to research getting her bread dough hooks. Have written to the company for assistance. Have fun with your mixer. It’s great to be able to “conserve” these pieces of history. Best wishes to all, MH

  16. Natashia Barnes says:

    This may be a Longshot but my friend bought a mixer that doesn’t fit the A through G models. It’s a vintage Hamilton Beach Scovill ten-speed and I was wondering if you could point me in a direction where to find some beaters for this we know it’s between H and K, all that’s left on it is the model number 49. Thank you for any and all help

  17. Kathy says:

    I am looking for reasonably priced model H set of beaters if anyone knows of any please let me know.

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