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I don’t always look like a Mennonite, but when I do I wear locally-made hats.

What can one say about oneself on his or her portfolio without sounding (overly) pompous or needlessly grandiose? After all, are portfolios not here to help us “sell” ourselves?

Well I ought to have a go at it anyway.

Hi there! I’m Jonathan “Hoppe” Hoppe, an MLIS graduate student currently enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh. Come August, to borrow from my resume, my little summary shall read along the lines of:

“Recent MLIS graduate with a specialization in archives, preservation, and records management  and extensive skills spanning cataloging, archival representation, arrangement, and access, reference service, analog and digital preservation and conservation, and  visual resources. Full understanding of a wide range of library and archival services. Engaged in several development, reference, and instructional projects, including web-based pathfinders”

Hoo-eee! That short little paragraph sure says a lot about my experience! But like any ol’ resume or summary, it never can give one a complete picture of a person — nor can a website for that matter, but let us not quibble.

So this this is what this here digital portfolio is all about—to give you all a more complete picture of me, what I have done in my experience, and what I can do for you in the future.


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